About Us

Our Company

100 Plus Imaging Art And Technology Ltd. was founded in 2014 to meet the increasing demand of high quality three-dimensional imaging technology among both businesses and audiences as well as the trend of combining arts with visual effects. We are dedicated to infuse three-dimensional imaging into arts. By bringing imagination to life, our works are more than three-dimensional fantasies but artistic embodiment. And this is how we intend to promote the development of arts culture, by making arts part of our audience’s everyday life.

Our services include 3D visual interactive imaging production, projection mapping production, visual arts event planning, animation production, creative visual technology consultancy, and imaging equipment rental and management.

All our productions combine innovative and modern advanced lighting technology, including video, panoramic three-dimensional graphics and various projection systems. Nowadays, projection technology is widely used in festive decoration, building decoration, cultural and performance events, product promotions, car promotions, fashion shows and stage decoration.

Past Experiences

Events we have taken part in production


My Stories Of City Musical


Timothy Sun and Macau Youth Symphonic Band Concert: El amor es simple III

19th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair

NANA Café dining table projection mapping